Forrest R. Girouard

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Development (architecture, design, and implementation) of highly-scalable (rich) internet applications including their associated middle-ware in a fast-paced, efficient organization dedicated to producing highly usable and effective tools for customers and end-users.


Orbital Sciences Corporation, Moffett Field, CA
Master Engineer, TESS Science Processing Operations Center (SPOC) (1/2014 - present): Author of the SPOC-POC Interface Control Document (ICD) covering a couple dozen deliverables. Responsible for co-authoring design descriptions for Photometric Analysis (PA) and Data Validation (DV). Responsible for authoring the Data Receipt (DR) design description. Responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the DR component.
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Kepler Science Operations Center (12/2006 - 12/2013): Responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the module interfaces between Java and MATLAB for the Photometer Data Quality (PDQ), Photometric Analysis (PA), Pre-search Data Conditioning (PDC), and Data Validation (DV) pipeline modules. Responsible for implementing and maintaining the Java portion of said pipeline modules. Responsible for the installation, configuration, and monitoring of our Jenkins continuous integration system. This system is used to do builds of the entire code base (ant and GNU Make), run all the unit test suites (JUnit 4), run all the integration test suites (JUnit 4), generate reports (javadoc, FindBugs, EMMA/A HREF="">JaCoCo), and run the Automated Feature Test (AFTs). Responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of our AFT framework. Responsible for developing automated pipeline validators, pipeline modules to verify that the final pipeline products (FITS, XML, and text) for delivery to the permanent archive match the intermediate pipeline products delivered via the pipeline module interfaces. Responsible for the compatibility of the code base (targeted for Linux) with MacOS X (10.6, 10.7, and 10.8) in order to fully accommodate development on MacOS X where our the primary development systems are Linux boxes and MacBook Pro laptops. Technologies: J2SE 1.6-1.7, Apache ant 1.7.0, MATLAB 2010b, Eclipse 4.3/4.4, junit, Apache log4j, Hibernate, HSQLDB, Oracle, GNU make, subversion 1.6-1.8, Jenkins 1.513+, Linux (Fedora, CentOS), Mac OS X (10.6-10.8), Bourne shell (sh), bash, VMware, VirtualBox, LaTeX, FITS, XML, EMMA/JaCoCo, FindBugs, VNC

Gemini Mobile Technologies, San Mateo, CA
Senior Software Engineer, Web Applications, Turnkey Engineerin Group (6/2006 - 11/2006): Responsible as part of a very small team for architecting, designing, and implementing a web application for viewing, composing, and managing MMS messages as well as subscriber preferences. Primarily responsible for delivering a Spring integrated solution for handling customizations and localizations in a flexible and consistent manner. Technologies: J2SE 1.5, Spring Framework 1.2/2, Tomcat 5.5, Eclipse 3.2

West Valley Staffing Group (Engineering), Sunnyvale, CA
Software Architect/Consultant, Web Applications, Messaging Product Group (Openwave Systems Inc.) (4/2006 - 6/2006): Responsible for architecting, designing, and implementing a solution to address critical issues blocking the launch of an integrated messaging offering by a large European carrier. As a replacement for Sun's POP3 JavaMail provider, crafted a highly-scalable implementation of a POP3 JavaMail provider specifically designed for use as a middle-ware component. This solution addresses concurrency, handling of locked POP3 accounts, and configurable message caching while minimizing contact with POP3 servers. Technologies: J2SE 1.4, JavaMail API/SPI 1.3.3, Resin 3

Openwave Systems, Inc., Redwood City, CA
Software Architect, Web Applications, Messaging Product Group (Openwave Systems, Inc.) (7/2003 - 3/2006): Responsible for providing advanced technical direction for web applications and associated middle-ware including the two primary web applications, Rich Mail (AJAX-based RIA) and WebEdge (classic webmail), in the Email Messaging Product Group. Technology, architecture, design, and critical sections of the implementation involving those aspects that directly affect the performance, scalability, security, and OAMP. Technologies: J2SE 1.4 - 1.5, JSP 2, Apache Struts 1.1, Servlets 2.4, Apache log4j, Apache Ant 1.5 - 1.6, Caucho Resin 2.1.x - 3.0.x (WebSphere, Tomcat), XML, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, CSS, XHTML
Software Architect, Openwave Download Manager & Openwave Provisioning Manager, Continuing Engineering/Mobile Product Group (Openwave Systems, Inc.) (10/2002 - 6/2003): Responsible for developing an adapter for connecting the Openwave Download Manager (ODM 3.0) to the Openwave Provisioning Manager (OPM 3.1.2). Technologies: C++, gSoap, WSDL, WebLogic, Oracle 9
Software Architect, Unified Messaging, Messaging Product Group (Openwave Systems, Inc.) (3/2002 - 9/2002): Responsible for providing advanced technical direction for the unified messaging product group. This included technology evaluation (JSP vs PHP vc C) specifically in regards to performance and scalability. Technologies: J2SE 1.4, JSP 1.2, PHP, C
Software Architect, Multimedia Messaging System Center (MMSC), Messaging Product Group (Openwave Systems, Inc.) (11/2001 - 2/2002): Responsible for developing an extension to the Openwave MTA to enable the MMSC Relay to process all MM4 messages. Technologies: C/C++, Email Mx Extension Server
Software Architect, Web Applications (Openwave Systems Inc.) (1/2001 - 10/2001): Design and develop a mechanism to support a large number of very light weight customizations and a small number of very deep customizations. Technologies: Java 1.2/1.3, resource switching
Principal Software Engineer, Web Applications, Engineering ( (4/1999 - 12/2000): Responsible for extending the existing architecture and design to handle extensive localizations, extensive customizations, and multiple markups (WML 1.1, cHTML, HDML in addition to HTML). Technologies: Java 1.1/1.2, Servlet 2.1, HTML, WML 1.1, HDML, cHTML
Senior Software Engineer, Development ( (3/1999 - 4/1999): Responsible for development of the WebMail product specifically focusing on the protocol handlers (POP3, and IMAP4) as well as the core application. Technologies: Java 1.1, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, HTML, Instant DB, HTML
Software Engineer/Consultant Development ( (1/1998 - 3/1999): Architect, design, implement, deliver, and support a load tool, HTTP Tester. Provide primary support for all UNIX installations and configurations. Develop a flexible but very simple UNIX installer (self extracting archive mechanism). Technologies: Java 1.1, RMI, AWT, sh/ksh

UC Berkeley, Center for EUV Astrophysics (CEA), Berkeley, CA
Principal Programmer/Analyst IV, (5/1994 - 3/1999): Solely responsible for providing advanced technical direction for all mission-critical, operations-related systems. Duties include system architecture, supervision, organization, planning, software development, technical support, software maintenance, software integration, configuration management, system testing, and software release. Projects included introducing expert systems to automate the monitoring of the EUVE satellite, reducing staffing from three shifts to one. Provided a data translation, archival and retrieval system for a small satellite project through a collaboration between three remote institutions. This UNIX-based, client-server, Sun-hosted system currently interfaces via RPC and FTP with a Mac, PC/Linux, and Dec Alpha. Actively worked on Remote Expert TOOLs for Euve (RETOOLE), a project which provides remote users with soft-realtime access to the EUVE telemetry stream and other operational information via the Internet. Technologies: Java, C, Bourne shell (sh), bash, Python, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Expect, Sybase/SQL, MySQL, UML, GNU make, CVS, RTworks, Purify, PureCoverage, Solaris/SunOS, SPARCworks, gcc, gdb, gnats, rpcgen, inetd, cron, at, proprietary system for CM and bug reporting/tracking
Senior Programmer/Analyst III, (4/1992 - 4/1994): Design, implement and deliver interfaces, libraries, databases and applications for accessing data by a range of users including scientists, engineers, programmers, and operators. Responsible for supervising two programmer/analysts. Projects included developing autonomous systems for the acquisition, archival, retrieval, and translation of telemetered data. Technologies: C, Bourne shell (sh), RPC, Sybase/SQL, SunOS make, CVS, Solaris/SunOS, shared memory, sockets, rpcgen, cron, inetd, Purify, SPARCworks
Programmer/Analyst II, (10/1989 - 3/1992): Develop software applications for monitoring the EUVE payload. Responsible for negotiating and implementing the primary EUVE data connection between CEA and Goddard Space Flight Center consisting of a specialized session layer protocol on top of TCP/IP. Technologies: C, FORTRAN, SunOS make, SCCS

Xerox Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
Software Engineer, Network Communications, Desktop Business Unit (6/88 - 9/89): Project leader and developer for the TCP Monitor Service. Responsible for sustaining activities for several communication services including gateways and routers. Technologies: Mesa, Pilot OS, XNS, TCP/IP, X.25, RS232C

International Business Machines (IBM), Palo Alto, CA
Programmer, (7/86-6/87): Programming involving the design, implementation and maintenance of both automated operations and system support software. Technologies: REXX, VM, MVS, CCOP



NASA Software of the Year Award - NASA's Kepler mission Science Operations Center (SOC) software system - SOC Science Pipeline Software (Release 6.0) NASA Software Advisory Panel, October 2010
NASA Ames Honor Award - Kepler Science Operations Center Team - For excellence in the category of Group/Team. S. Pete Worden, Center Director, Ames Research Center, September 2010
NASA Group Achievement Award - Kepler Science Operations Center - For the design and development of a novel high bandwidth data reduction pipeline to enable photometric discovery of exoplanets. Charles Bolden, Administrator, NASA, May 2010
NASA Group Achievement Award - Kepler Launch and Commissioning Team - For exemplary creativity and dedication in advancing photometric detection of exoplanets from concept to spectacularly successful on-orbit operations. Charles Bolden, Administrator, NASA, May 2010
NASA Ames Honor Award - Kepler Science Operations Center - For excellence in the category of Group/Team. S. Pete Worden, Center Director, Ames Research Center, October 2009
NASA Ames Honor Award - Kepler Launch and Commissioning Team - For excellence in the category of Group/Team. S. Pete Worden, Center Director, Ames Research Center, October 2009
NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award - EUVE Mission Operations Team - For providing excellent innovations for a safe, reliable, and low-cost EUVE mission that continues producing excellent science. Danial Golden, Administrator, NASA, June 2000
Bachelor of Science with Honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley.
Member of
Eta Kappa Nu
(International Honor Society for Electrical Engineers),
Tau Beta Pi
(National Engineering Honor Society),
California Alumni Association
, Lifetime Member.


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